About us

Family business with heart and soul

Your hosts at Hotel Sperlhof look forward to their guests not only as a family but also because of their love of hospitality, along with Bavarian tradition. For example Kerstin Biermeier, a trained chef, has been connected with this branch now for over eight years. Having worked in Switzerland for a year she gained valuable experience beyond Germany's frontiers.

The dedicated restaurateur has always worked alongside her mother, Andrea Stimmer, whenever parties in their large family needed organising. A tradition which has continued now for a matter of four generations. So you can expect a team which has a lot of experience of working well together – it goes without saying that there is professional management here as well. Andrea Stimmer has been working in the finance department of an international company for over thirty years. All that is missing in this list is the handyman, a role filled heart and soul by Walter Stimmer, a qualified machine technician and very handy with his tools. So "can't be done" is unheard of at Sperlhof. Your hosts promise to take care of almost everything themselves.

Tradition meets modern

Apart from hospitality the most important tradition at Sperlhof is the name itself. This is well over a hundred years old and used to be the name of the farm which was here previously. In the country, in days gone by, the name of the farm represented today's house numbers and indeed, provided information about the owners. Back in 1888, when Walter Stimmer's great grandfather bought the property here, it was called Sperlhaus. With the opening of Sperlhof this tradition comes to life again in the form of a guesthouse.